How to Use

We offer a wide variety of wine accessories. For optimal results using our products please follow the instructions below or contact us for further assistance.

Wine Chiller Stick



1. Place wine chiller in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
2. Insert wine chiller into bottle to keep whites chilled for up to 1 hour or to cool reds to room temperature in less than 15 mins.
3. Pour wine through the spout & enjoy a glass of perfectly chilled wine.   

Wine Accessories Kit



1. Place the foil cutter around the neck of the bottle at a 90-degree angle. Clasp the neck and twist to cut the foil.
2. Remove foil by hand.
3. Insert the pin into the cork, making sure the pin passes completely through. Cover the bottle neck with the transparent sleeve.
4. Grasp the transparent sleeve firmly with one hand; hold the outer tube with other hand. Pump the outer tube to inject air into the bottle until the cork rises out. (5-10 pumps is usually sufficient).
5. Press down on the transparent ring to remove the pin from the cork.

*Due to variations in cork length, diameter, material and density, actual operating performance may differ. This wine accessory is designed for wine, especially for full-size wine bottles.


Graphical Illustration

1. Don’t use this wine accessory to open sparkling wine or plastic corks.
2. Push and pull the outer tube gently. Too much pressure will cause the outer tube to overheat. High temperature will weaken the plunger inside and affect the opener’s performance.
3. Reduce pumping force when the cork becomes flexible.
4. Stop using this wine accessory when the outer tube is hot, it can be used again when it cools down.
5. If no more air can be pumped into the bottle but the cork still won’t come out, try another wine opener. Improper use will damage this product.


Vacuum Stopper & Pourer

Instructions (See Illustrations Below)

Wipe the surface of the bottle stopper but do not wash or submerge in water

1. Insert with proper force and pump.
2. Pump up and down continuously according to the amount of wine in the bottle.
3. Store upright for up to 7 days.
4. When ready to use, pull the stopper out of the bottle.
5. Insert the pourer and pour the wine.

Caution !

1. Keep this product out of the reach of children to avoid injuries.
2. Use this product to open full bottles of wine only.
3. Stand to the side and grasp the transparent sleeve firmly when using this product to avoid injuries.
4. Don't point at face or other body parts when using this product.